Advanced Enterprise Behavioral Biometrics

Identity Metrics (IDM) is an identity analytics software company focused on developing behavioral-biometric based technologies and solutions for authenticating and characterizing users in online environments.

Biometrics in general refers to the use of computer-based pattern recognition algorithms for recognizing individual human characteristics from biometric data. Biometric data can be broadly divided into (a) physiological characteristics and (b) behavioral characteristics. Behavioral-biometrics is the science of measuring and analyzing unique patterns of human behavior that can be attributed to an individual or group.

The proliferation and ubiquity of digital devices provides IDM the ability to observe and collect a diversity of behavioral-biometric characteristics from users as they interact with these devices. Behavioral-biometric data is collected in a completely passive manner without any interruption of the user’s normal activities. The benefit of this is that there are significant opportunities to authenticate and recognize the unique properties of a user or groups of users in a non-intrusive manner as they perform a variety of daily activities.

IDM's solutions are well tailored to address the complex challenges of Internet-based authentication, identity management, multi-user accounts and households and online subscription account enforcement.
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