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Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Internet Gambling, Online Gaming& Entertainment and US Federal Government are all multi-billion dollar high-growth industries that are currently investing heavily in multi-level online security, analytics and risk management strategies to fight fraud, stem losses and to strengthen and maintain consumer relationships.

• Large Online Retailers: Identity Metrics’ solutions can provide significant benefits for online retailers with non-intrusive and cost-effective solutions to help support identity authentication and transaction verification initiatives.

• Financial Service Providers: The Identity Metrics platform can provide both the largest and smallest financial institutions in the U.S. with a solution to help meet Federal guidelines and mandates.

• Healthcare IT: Identity Metrics solutions can provide healthcare organizations with a significant tool to help support compliance with government legislation for protected health information.

• Internet Gambling: Identity Metrics solutions can provide Internet gambling operators with required safeguards to support initiatives that will ensure identity, verify age, and combat fraud.

• Online Gaming: The extraordinary growth rate of online games has increasingly made them significant targets for fraud.  The Identity Metrics platform is well positioned to provide identity authentication and analytics solutions to address the expanding fraud challenges faced by the online game industry.

• US Government: Identity Metrics solutions can provide new capabilities that contribute mission-critical solutions for the Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies for Cyber Security protection.


The Identity Metrics (IDM) identity analytics platform is based on robust and accurate statistical modeling combined with a system architecture that is scalable, cost-effective, non-intrusive and modular. As users increasingly migrate to online applications and digital devices the growing opportunity for advanced behavioral analytics will significantly increase demand for the solutions that IDM is developing. The company has significant opportunities utilizing behavioral-biometrics and analytics to address the complex challenges of Internet based fraud, multi-user accounts and households, online subscription account enforcement and to provide valuable solutions in the online sales and marketing domains.

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